We have continuously developed for over 60 years

Over the last 63 years, UAMT has grown from a small machine tool manufacturing company to one of the largest and modern automotive components company in our country.

The early years

At 1st April 1951 the company IMS “Bernath Andrei” was founded in Oradea, based on merging several small workshops with the purpose of manufacturing consumer items of metal and metal equipment for scaffolding.

The company, with the initial goal of production of consumer items for the population, begins development. Difficulties were given by the initial structure with three sectors far away from headquarters and a huge variety of products. Starting assimilation and manufacturing of parts and subassemblies for means of transport.

Expanding the company at the new industrial platform in the west of the city of Oradea, proceed to the next stage. The new seating capacity of production (Hall mono-block construction of non-ferrous foundries, warehouses, administration buildings, social groups) have accumulated a total area of over 44,000 sqm. This new extension allowed the endowment with technical equipment for higher productivity.

It definitely defines the company profile for production of accessories for transport and automotive. Accessories and kinematics mechanisms, pressure casting of non-ferrous alloys for automotive components are the main products executed here. Introduction of new technologies and transition to production specialization was the main characteristic of this period. All the vehicles manufactured in Romania, such as Dacia 1100, Dacia 1300, ARO, TV-Vans, SR 131 and 132 Truck, railway wagons, Diesel electric and hydraulic locomotives were recipients of products made in UAMT.

Becoming Competitive

In the 80’s production reached doubles compared to the previous stage, UAMT also becoming a modern well integrated company.
Our products are intended primarily collaborations with major Romanian automotive plants:

    "Intreprinderea de Autoturisme de Oras si de Teren" Pitesti & Campulung Muscel,
    "Intreprinderea de Autocaminoane" Brasov,
    "Intreprinderea Autobuzul" Bucuresti,
    "Intreprinderea Vagoane" Arad,
    "Santierul Naval" Galati

In terms of the role, the products manufactured here could be grouped in:

    Parts with functional role
    Assemblies with safety role
    Ornamental products
    Pressure Castings products

The company produces more than 450 kinds of products assimilated on their own. By 1980 the company has trained over 2,000 workers.

After the Revolution of 1989

In 1990 the company's reorganization occurs in a joint stock company under the name “UAMT SA” according to the Law no.15 / 1990. The main activity is the "production and selling parts and subassemblies for transportation, execution of installations, technological equipment technology and tools.”

Uamt is a publicly owned company, according to the terminology stipulated in the Capital Market Law 29712004, being registered at the National Securities Commission.
Since 1997 and the during 2006, company's shares have been submitted and were traded on the stock market RASDAQ, with the symbol ,,UAM"

On 19.02.2007, the company was admitted to trading on the regulated market administered by Bucharest Stock Exchange, under the symbol ,,UAM".
Field of activity became "Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles". The main shareholder of the company is the “Association of employees – PAS” with a stake of 56.13%

It continued the tehnological upgrading and development of the company in a intense rhythm. In this period, the company's policy was to reinvest the profit from the company with capital resources needed to achieve the objectives of the proposed investment



Since the beginning UAMT was an important provider for automobile manufacturers.
Over time the company has undergone several phases of expansion and modernization.


1951 Establishment year
1959 Manufacturing components for cars, off-road vehicles and trucks
1968 Establishing the automotive component manufacturing (DACIA - RENAULT 8, 12, Estafette)
1972-1984 Manufacturing components for DACIA, OLTCIT-CITROËN, DACIA 500
1991 Becomes UAMT S.A. in compliance with HG 12241 23.11.1990
1992 Development of manufacturing capacities (DACIA NOVA, DAEWOO)
2002 - 2016 Manufacturing components for DACIA - RENAULT

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