Quality and environment


Quality determines the entirety of UAMT's activity and is involved in every aspect of the company.
Human resources, processes, products and services are an integral part of maintaining the highest level of quality.
Committing resources for quality training, systems, procedures and infrastructure is one of the highest priorities for UAMT

In order to achieve a high level of satisfaction for our customers, UAMT has introduced and follows a Quality Management Systems according to ISO/TS 16949:2009 standards.


UAMT provides quality products and services, without detriment to the limited natural resources or the environment, in order to ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.

For this purpose, we respect our customer requirements and those of other stakeholders, applying the provisions of OUG 195/2005
regarding environmental protection, Legea 278/2013 regarding industrial emissions and Legea 211/2011 regarding waste disposal.These legislations are harmonised with European Union norms

We want to continue to improve our performance by managing the impacts of our activities at all stages of production and service provision. We protect the environment mainly by reducing
emissions, conserving natural water resources and by improving the rate of waste recycling. This is in compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Environmental Authorization no. 73-NV of 26.10.2007, revised on 27.09.2010.

We prevent environmental pollution by promoting and implementing the most suitable techniques, made possible by UAMT's modernisation including high-tech equipments and installations.